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About Us


To ensure each candidate and institution receives the best quality training and education possible coupled with sensitivity to individual dignity and professional integrity in a positive and creative environment which enables learning to be memorable and rewarding. Our aim is to develop students that are highly trained and professional that can go on and contribute to making Kenya safer as well as developing their career so that they can support their families.


At Kensafe, our vision is to make Kenya a safer place to live and work for all regardless of their age, gender, colour or religious preferences.


Target Zero to failure = 100% Success Rate!
We try our best to make sure no student is left behind!

Gallery: Follow our Journey!

At Kensafe, we are committed to empowering our students and contributing to societal goals. We have embedded this in our daily operations

Our Partners

Kilifi County

Since 2016
  • Rabai Constituency (2016- Present)
  • Chatsimba Ward (2016-2018) 220 Trainees
  • Jaribuni Ward (2016-2018) 149 Trainees
  • Mtepeni Ward (2018-2019) 133 Trainees
  • Bamba Ward (2019) 80 Trainees
  • Mariakani Ward (2018-2020)

Mombasa County

Since 2017
  • Elimu Fund 127 Trainees
  • Nyali Constituency 462 Trainees
  • Mvita Constituency 250+ Trainees
  • Grain Bulk (In 2021) Plant Machinery

Kwale County

Since 2016
  • Base Titanium (2016- Present)
  • NGAF Msambweni (In 2017) 40 Trainees

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