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Requirements (All courses)

PPE Requirements

Driving Courses Fees

CourseDurationTraining FeesExam FeesTotal Amount
Forklift6 Weeks33,5006,50040,000
Excavator6 Weeks43,5006,50050,000
Backhoe Loader8 Weeks58,5006,50065,000
Forklift Excavator8 Weeks65,0009,50074,500
Forklift Backhoe8 Weeks70,5009,50080,000
Excavator Backhoe10 Weeks80,5009,50090,000
Three Machines12 Weeks95,00010,000105,000
Tuktuk A31 Month7,0003,00010,000
Motorbikes A1,A21 Month5,0003,0008,000
Saloon Car B11 Month12,0003,00015,000
Automatic Car B21 Month10,0003,00013,000
Canter C11 Month18,0003,00021,000

Plant Machinery & Automobile Mechanic Courses Fees

Course NameCourse CodeExam BodyDurationTraining FeesFees/Month3-Installments
Plant MechanicT-PLM3NITA6 MONTHS40,0005,00010,000
Plant MechanicT-PLM2NITA6 MONTHS49,5006,50013,000
Plant MechanicT-PLM1NITA6 MONTHS59,5008,25016,500
Motor Vehicle MechanicT-MVM3NITA6 MONTHS40,0005,00010,000
Motor Vehicle MechanicT-MVM2NITA6 MONTHS44,5005,75011,500
Motor Vehicle MechanicT-MVM1NITA6 MONTHS55,0007,50015,000
Plant Mechanic & 1 plant machineT-PLM3NITA & NTSA6 MONTHS100,00012,75025,500
Plant Mechanic & 2 plant machineST-PLM3NITA & NTSA8 MONTHS150,00016,50033,000
Plant Mechanic & 3 plant machineST-PLM3NITA & NTSA8 MONTHS200,00025,00050,000
Motorvehicle Mechanic & DrivingT-PLM3NITA & NTSA6 MONTHS60,0009,50019,000

Other Charges and Requirements

CodeeLevelExam BodyExam FeeExam MaterialsAttachementTotal Amount

Other Courses Fees

CourseDurationTraining Fees
Defensive Driving5 days: 4hrs/day15,000
Occupational Health & Safety5 days: 4hrs/day12,000
Fire Safety2 days: 4hrs/day5,000
First Aid2 days: 4hrs/day5,000
Refresher Course on Plant Machinery5 days: 4hrs/day15,000
Refresher Course on Motor Vehicle5 days: 2hrs/day7,000
Assessment Fee on all Refresher Courses1 days: 2hrs/day1,000

Industrial Attachment

Before moving on to the next level, all trainees must complete a three-month industry attachment that is necessary.
The goal of industrial attachment is to give students practical experience with skills that are relevant to industry job requirements.

The Ksh 1,000 for a year’s worth of insurance coverage and the Ksh 2,000 for a log book and trainee follow-up are included in the industrial attachment charge.
Before beginning any attachment, the trainees must pay the industrial attachment charge.
The initial instalment will include the payment of the admission cost, student ID fee, and caution charge.
Exam and material costs for the April, August, and December 2022/23 Exam Series will be paid in accordance with NITA requirements.

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